WIFI in Ireland

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Obviously there is much to discover when traveling internationally, like how will I use my WIFI.  This is huge. It can get expensive to use your data, and some phone plans I am finding out are not so cheap to cover international visits, even for just a little while.

I found this website while doing some searching, suggesting some options for WIFI usage.


It does seem that WIFI is available, but will I remember to turn it off when I am not in an area that has it available??? I know myself, this may be a problem and something I need to research further.  I will forget.

This article goes over some good tips.

  1. Turn your data off when in Ireland! Or keep your phone in airplane mode. Every little ‘ping’ counts against your data plan- and will result in a higher-than-expected bill when you return home.
  2. Contact your cellular provider and inquire about using your mobile phone in Ireland. Confirm that your device is compatible with GSM (Global System for Mobile) used in Europe, and then inquire about an International plan which includes both talk minutes and data. My carrier, Verizon, offers plans beginning at $25/ month with reduced prices for calls & text with 100MB data.
  3. Purchase a local SIM card. This only works if you have an ‘unlocked’ phone (most US phones aren’t). You can pick up a SIM card at the SPAR in Dublin airport, or at any Tesco, Three, eirMobile, or Vodafone retailers.
  4. Buy a cheap prepaid phone when you arrive. It’s just handy to have a phone – you may need to make quick calls to B&Bs to for directions or to make reservatios for a tour or dinner you just found out about. If you don’t need a smart phone, you can pick up a disposable prepaid phone for under $20 at Tesco locations throughout Ireland. This is often less expensive than renting a cell phone.
  5.  Rent a mobile wifi unit. Most car rental companies now offer the option of adding a mobile wifi unit to your rental. Their rates, however, are high. For mobile wifi in Ireland I recommend Wifi Candy. Their prices are affordable and data is unlimited for the duration of your rental. Tip: keep a charging cord in the car or mobile charger with you to keep the unit charged.
  6. Use free wifi and connect with Skype, Facetime, or Google Voice. You’ll find free wifi all over Ireland – in your B&B or hotel, many restaurants, and even stores offer connectivity. Keep your wifi turned on and set to notify you when it is available.

I will have to look into some of these options a little closer….. hmmm



2 thoughts on “WIFI in Ireland”

  1. Hi Marilyn, and thank you for sharing the information you found on my site Ireland Family Vacations.
    Just a clarification- you can always keep your wifi on- it’s the data you want to turn off before you arrive in Ireland. 🙂 If your data is on it will ‘ping’ your home account and that can end up being costly!

    I hope you will spend a bit more time on my site- I have years worth of information to help travelers like you plan their Ireland vacation.

    Safe travels!


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